Slitiny wolframu, těžké slitiny wolframu, slitiny wolframu
Wolfram alloy, tungsten tunge alloy, Tungsten legeringer
Wolfraam legering, zware legering wolfraam, wolfraam legeringen
Tungsten alloy, tungsten heavy alloy, Tungsten alloys
Lalliage de tungstène, alliage lourd de tungstène, alliages de tungstène
Wolframlegierung, schwere Wolframlegierung, Wolfram-Legierungen
Tungsteno, tungsteno pesanti lega, leghe di tungsteno
Wolfram legering, Wolfram tunge legering, Tungsten legeringer
A Liga de tungsténio, ligas pesadas de tungstênio, ligas de tungstênio
Wolfram aliaj, Wolfram aliaj grele, aliaje de Tungsten
Сплавов вольфрама, вольфрам тяжелых сплавов, сплавов вольфрама
Aleación de tungsteno, aleación de tungsteno pesado, aleaciones de tungsteno
Volfram legering, volfram tunga legering, Tungsten legeringar
Tungsten alaşım, tungsten ağır alaşım, Tungsten alaşımları
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Tungsten heavy alloy

Tungsten heavy alloy

Tungsten Alloy, which contain elements such as nickel, copper and iron, produce a host of alloys which have engineering properties similar to steel, are relatively easy to machine, and can be plated or painted to enhance their corrosion protection. These alloys are approximately 50% denser than lead resulting in a higher concentration of mass in a limited area.
Usually, Tungsten alloy could be manufactured as the parts of military defense, extrusion die, some counterweights, such as yacht counterweights, vehicle counterweights, airplane counterweights, helicopter counterweights, boat counterweights, tank counterweights, etc.

Tungsten alloy material
Tungsten heavy alloy generally are refractory metal, which have two-phase composites consisting of W-Ni-Fe or W-Ni-Cu or even W-Ni-Cu-Fe, some tungsten alloy is added Co, Mo, Cr, etc. It could be made as various shapes, such as rod, cube, block, brick, ring, etc.
Tungsten bucking bar
Bucking bar is a work tool received behind work surfaces to provide a backing member in applying impact fasteners and including intermitted tool head and handle parts with a low-recoil impact-absorbing spacer provided there between to take shock loads in compression and shear.
Tungsten alloy radiation shielding
Experts find that radiation exposure could be reduced by maxing shielding. The density of a material is related to its radiation stopping ability. Higher density means better stopping power and shielding. Due to a higher density, tungsten alloy has a much higher stopping power than lead. Its greater linear attenuation of gamma radiations means that less is required for equal shielding. Alternatively equal amounts of tungsten alloy shielding provide diminished exposure risks than equivalent lead shielding.
Tungsten alloy rod
1, Diameter: 2.0-100.0mm
2, Length: 50-1000mm
3, Density: 16.5-18.75 g/cm3
4, Composition: W content: 85-99%, W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu
5, Surface: Sintering surface, Forged surface, Ground surface
Tungsten alloy sheet
1, width×Length: (2.0-500.0mm)×(2.0-500.0mm)
2, thickness: 0.2mm-5.0mm;
3, Density: 15.8-18.75 g/cm3
4, Composition: W content: 85-99%, W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu
5, Surface: Sintering surface, Forged surface, Ground surface
Tungsten alloy ball
1, Diameter: 1.0mm-100.0mm
2, Density: 15.8-18.75 g/cm3
3, Composition: W content: 85-99%, W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu
4, Surface: Sintering surface, Forged surface, Ground surface
Tungsten alloy cube
1, Density: 15.8-18.75 g/cm3
2, Composition: W content: 85-99%, W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu
3, Supply state: Sinter state, Grind state
4, Application: balance weight, Military industry
5, Advantage: High-density, High absorption capacity against X-rays and gamma rays, Good modulus of elasticity, High hardness.
Tungsten alloy parts
1, Suitable for highly complex geometric shapes
2, Most parts require little or no secondary machining process
3, High level of surface finish as processed, of 32 rms or better
4, Tight tolerances of up to forms complex metal shapes without the need for machining.
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