Wolfram deska, wolframu desek
Tungsten plade, Tungsten plader
Plaat van wolfraam, wolfraam platen
Tungsten plate, Tungsten plates
Plaque de tungstène, plaques de tungstène
Wolfram-Platte, Wolfram-Platten
Piastra di tungsteno, piastre di tungsteno
Wolfram tallerken, Tungsten plater
Placa de tungstênio, placas de tungstênio
Wolfram placa, Tungsten plăci
Вольфрам плиты, плиты вольфрама
Placa de tungsteno, placas de tungsteno
Volfram plattan, Tungsten plattor
Tungsten plaka, Tungsten plakaları
Tungsten products

Tungsten plate

Tungsten plate Tungsten plate Tungsten plate

Tungsten plate introduction

1, Grade: W1, W2, W3, W4
2, Width*Length: (2.0-500.0mm)*(2.0-500.0mm)
3, Thickness: 0.2mm-15.0mm
4, Density: Purity 99.92%, 99.98% can also be achieved if special demanded.
5, Surface: Sintering surface, Forged surface, Ground surface

Tungsten plates are widely used in ceramics, packaging materials, cable, shipbuilding, metallurgical machinery and electronics, leather industries. Choose the best material, all will tested by our quality department, and before loading, we will test all, in order to supply you the best products.

Specification of tungsten plate






Prue Tungsten 

















Be used in electronics, illumination, vacuum plating, electron-vacuum, shield, high temperature furnace industry and so on.

Note: The specification and composition of tungsten plate can be self-defined by customer.


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