Měděné wolframových elektrod, měděné wolframových elektrod
Kobber Wolfram elektrode, kobber wolframelektroder
Koperen wolfraam elektrode, koperen Wolfram elektroden
Copper tungsten electrode, Copper tungsten electrodes
Électrode de tungstène cuivre, tungstène cuivre électrodes
Wolframelektrode aus Kupfer, Kupfer Wolfram-Elektroden
Elettrodi di tungsteno di rame, rame elettrodi di tungsteno
Kobber Wolfram elektrode, kobber Wolfram elektroder
Eletrodo de tungstênio de cobre, cobre eléctrodos de tungsténio
Electrozi wolfram de cupru, cupru electrozi wolfram
Меди вольфрама электрода, вольфрамовые электроды из меди
Electrodo de tungsteno de cobre, cobre electrodos de tungsteno
Koppar volfram elektrod, koppar volframelektroder
Bakır tungsten elektrot, bakır tungsten elektrot
Tungsten electrode

Copper tungsten electrode

Copper tungsten electrode Copper tungsten electrode Copper tungsten electrode

1, Material: 50-90% Tungsten / 50-10% Copper
2, Density: 11.80~ 16.80 g/cm3
3, Conductivity (IACS %): 54~27
4, Resistivity: 3.0~6.5 µΩcm
5, Techniques: Copper unfiltered Tungsten block in vacuum high-temperature stove.

EDM electrode

In view of tungsten steel, high temperature super-hard alloy die to be produced by corrosion, the common electrode wear big, slow, and the W-Cu electrical corrosion of high speed, low loss rate, precise electrode shape, excellent processing performance, to ensure the accuracy of processing pieces of greatly increased.

High-voltage electrode discharge tube

High-voltage vacuum discharge tube in the workplace, the contact material in a few seconds of time zero temperatures thousands of degrees Celsius, while the W-Cu anti-ablation properties, high toughness, good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity performance to the discharge tube to provide the necessary stability conditions.

Electronic Packaging Materials

Both the low-expansion properties of tungsten, but also has high thermal conductivity properties of copper, its thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity of conductive material can be adjusted to change the composition and thereby to the material provided to facilitate the use.

Copper tungsten data sheet






Electric Conductivity

Hardness (Min)

CuW55 45±2 Balance 10 12.30g/cm3 55%IACS 125HB
CuW60 40±2 Balance   12.75g/cm3 52%IACS 140HB
CuW65 35±2 Balance   13.30g/cm3 50%IACS 155HB
CuW70 30±2 Balance   13.80g/cm3 49%IACS 175HB
CuW75 25±2 Balance 11 14.50g/cm3 47%IACS 195HB
CuW80 20±2 Balance 12 15.15g/cm3 42%IACS 220HB
CuW85 15±2 Balance   15.90g/cm3 35%IACS 240HB

Copper WC data sheet

Grade Cu%(WT) WC%(WT) Density (Min)) Electric Conductivity (Min) Hardness (Min)
CuWC50 50±2 Balance 11.04g/cm3 48%IACS 80HRB
CuWC55 45±2 Balance 11.35g/cm3 45%IACS 85HRB
CuWC60 40±2 Balance 11.80g/cm3 38%IACS 90HRB
CuWC70 30±2 Balance 12.56g/cm3 33%IACS 98HRB
CuWC75 25±2 Balance 12.80g/cm3 31%IACS 28HRC
CuWC80 20±2 Balance 13.40g/cm3 28%IACS 34HRC

We also supply Copper Tungsten rod, Copper Tungsten Plate, Copper Tungsten Electrical Contacts, Copper Tungsten Heatsinks, Copper Tungsten electrode, Copper Tungsten finished parts. The largest size of our Copper Tungsten is 150kgs and the smallest size is 10 grams only.


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